Welcome! I am Katie Harlow, MS. In May of 2016 I completed my Master of Science in Nutrition and the didactic portion of my training to be a registered dietitian. I am currently a dietetic intern in North Carolina and, if all goes as planned, will finally be an RD in the summer of 2017.

I’m a career-changer. Once upon a time, I worked for a magazine, then a travel company, and finally, after three years of dragging my feet, I quit my job and headed back to school full time to pursue a career that would align with my passion for food and science.

Many years ago I started this small food and fitness blog that never made it very far. If you go all the way back to the beginning of my archives, you’ll find my early days but much has changed since then, including this space. Today I focus on food and nutrition mostly. This is such a young science and there are still more questions than answers. In my nutrition posts you will find my thoughts on the latest trends and emerging research.

On a lighter note, you’ll see some postings about life in general. As much as I love being active and learning new things, I also love laying on the couch with Netflix, wasting hours on Pinterest, trying to inspire my lifeless hair, or traveling some place new.

//Quick Facts//

  • I am a vegetarian and have been since the summer of 2011.
  • I can lick my elbow (and now you’re trying it…).
  • In 2012, I ran a marathon just to say that I have.
  • When I went to college in the fall of 2007, my career aspiration was the film industry.
  • I am married to my college sweetheart.
  • My husband and I lived in California for 7 years before deciding to try the East coast.
  • We could spend all day talking about my pets (Anni Fox, Zious Blacksoul, and Leopold Leopoldovich).

Have a question? Wanna chat? Email me – creatureofhabit.blog@gmail.com



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  3. I was awarded the honor of the Liebster Award. I’m passing it on to you. Thank you.

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