Scrapes and Drapes

July 2, 2012/ Fitness, Injury, Lifestyle, Running/ 0 comments

We had quite the fun weekend over here. It started with packages, which is always a good way to keep off a Friday evening.


This is actually a long-awaited package. For my birthday, I made my first ever purchase from Etsy – a jewelry holder to organize my ridiculous collection. We knew we really wanted to decrease cluttered surfaces in our new apartment so I used this gift to myself as an opportunity to move all my jewelry boxes (I have five…) off our dresser and into one beautiful display. But the order was delayed because the shop had so much else going on and so finally, almost a month later, my beautiful jewelry holder arrived.


I have to admit, I thought it was a litte more heavy-duty looking in its Etsy photo. The wood looked a little more aged and this felt almost flimsy to me. But I waited until it was up on the wall before making a real judgement.

I loved that it came with hanging instructions.


A pushpin in the middle and then you put the nails where the Xs are to ensure you get the spacing right. I don’t know about you but I always feel so self-sufficient when I do anything with items from the tool box. That’s stupid gender stereotypes from my childhood I guess. There’s no reason a guy would be any more able with a hammer and nails than I am.

Case in point – my beautiful jewelry rack, hung on the first try with no injured fingers or ruined walls.


And it actually looks really good when all the jewelry is in place.



I spent an embarrassing amount of time deciding where each piece was supposed to go.

I wasn’t able to get everything on here. Some was (finally) thrown away, and the ones I only wear once in a blue moon where tucked away in a drawer. I love having all my options on display like this. It makes getting dressed more fun.

Other than hanging jewelry racks, I did my weekend long run on Saturday.

It started out with my (slightly altered) standard fuel.


I say slightly altered because I’ve been using steel cut oats. There okay. I like the texture but it’s not worth the extra forty minutes it takes to cook them.

I decided to do eight miles this week. The two weeks prior, I had logged 13 each. The first resulted in some VERY sore hips and last week was better but I still knew I needed to knock it back for this Saturday. Plus, I added another mid-week run and didn’t need to be increasing my overall weekly milage by that much. So eight sounded like a good solid number.

It was a strong eight, too. In fact, this would have been a pretty boring run if it weren’t for this.


I took a pretty nasty tumble about half way through and banged up my knee. I fell on my achy hip, which wasn’t fun, and also sustained quite a bit of the impact with the side of my leg. At the time, I only really noticed the gnarly scrape but the next morning, my whole leg was bruised and sore. Ouch!

And the scrape has since turned black. How sexy.


No skirts for me this week. That is most definitely not a professional accessory.

But even with the fall, I still ran all eight miles without any trouble, finishing for the day with a smile on my face.


That looks just like the picture from this run except a much better mood.

After my run, Will and I spent Saturday watching a marathon of HGTV. I guess it inspired us to spruce up our place because that evening we headed to Lowes and Pier 1 to pick up some additional things for the apartment.

First, a wine rack!


The area is finally complete and we don’t look like we’re hoarding wine anymore. This rack is really simple but perfect to complete the built in bar.



…curtains. The windows in the middle room have been begging for some drapes so we picked out a loose flowy type to match the ones in the living room and got them in blue instead of white to accent our blue couch. The room itself still needs and arm chair or some large decorative piece but I’m so pleased with how much better it looks after this weekend.

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